Pallet Storage System

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Safe pallet handling

Our heavy duty pallet storage system Pal Rack® consists of components and accessories to fulfil all your needs. Goods of all sizes and weights can be safely stored with our innovative pallet racking system. To achieve optimal safety, we conduct thorough testing in specialised laboratories.

Stow: Pallet storage

When it comes to maximizing your warehouse space, Stow supplies you with a pallet racking system that guarantees easy and quick installation and complies with European FEM/EN regulations.
Our professionals help you choose the right pallet storage solution for your warehouse.

Flexible heavy duty pallet storage

Stow makes any pallet storage method and warehouse storage solution trouble-free! Our wide range of frames allows your rack construction to be optimised for heights of up to 35 m and bay-loads of up to 45 tonnes.

Pallet racks

The boltless connection allows a quick assembly of pallet racks. The overall stability of our pallet racking system is determined by the characteristics of our unique connector. The connector is made of high quality micro-alloy steel. The safety pin prevents accidental dislodge of the beam.

Optimize your pallet storage

Protect your pallet racks against collision from fork lift trucks and extend the expected lifetime. The corners of the pallet racking are vulnerable. Use the Stow corner protectors to keep them undamaged. The Stow frame protector is built with a sigma main beam, which we support by two end protectors. For longer runs intermediate supporting brackets are mounted.

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